Selling & Pricing Policies

Selling in BazarFX
Selling in BazarFX provides you with two options.
  1. Selling as Individual Seller

    BazarFX provides platform for all users to register and sell as individual seller. Registration is completely free in BazarFX. Once registered, users are registered as Website User with restrictions. Users are required to upgrade their account to become Premium User.

    Website User Premium User
    Ad display for 30 days Ad display for 90 days
    Advertisement Policy:
    • 5 items for 90 days
    • 1 real-estate for 90 days
    • 1 service for 90 days
    • 1 vacancy for 90 days
    • No matrimonial
    Advertisement Policy:
    • 25 items for 90 days
    • 3 real-estates for 90 days
    • 3 services for 90 days
    • 3 vacancies for 90 days
    • 1 matrimonial for 90 days
    No advertisement policy upgrade feature Upgrade advertisement policy feature available
    No option to add features in items Option to add five features in items
    No real-time email and notifications Real-time email and notifications
    One store/company registration Unlimited store/company registration

    BazarFX provides platform for users to open as many stores and companies as they like without any restrictions. Users can sell items, products or provide service from these stores and companies.

  2. Selling as BazarFX Partner

    Selling as BazarFX partner allows to place your items as a BazarFX partner. BazarFX will post all the items for you on the mutual agreement. You will need to provide your store/company details, documents if any and items details to BazarFX.

    Registration is not required if seller agrees to sell as BazarFX partner. BazarFX will register the store or company and will do all the hard work of advertisement, order sales and delivery for the seller.

Pricing Policies
We charge two types of selling fees.
  1. Insertion Fees

    Insertion fee is charged only when you and your store is registered in BazarFX website and you post ads as a individual seller. When you list an advertisement, we charge a fee per advertisement, per category.

  2. Final Sales Fees

    Currently, the final sales fee is only charged if you agree to sell you items as BazarFX partner. We charge a final sales fee when your item is sold. BazarFX takes certain percentage as a service charge from the total amount received from sales. The maximum service charge fee is capped to NRs 50,000. Any additional services and charges can be negotiated on mutual agreement.

This policy was last updated on May 13, 2019.